I love to meet, brainstorm, exchange with other artists and thinkers, to cross fields and methodologies, to teach in collaboration, sharing thoughts, finding agreement, learning, having new intuitions, making plans.......




Francesca & Eric Acakpo teach : Ancient Kinetic Wisdom

Live music: Eric Acakpo and invited musicians

Francesca and Eric work together since 2015, teaching,  performing, creating contexts for cultural and artistic exchanges in Benin and abroad. Their artistic and pedagogic collaboration focuses on the Vodoun philosophy and its expression in music and dance. Their attention is captured by the structure and phasing of ritual as a performative act, where the body, the rhythm, the voice, the gesture and repetition become instrument of evocation, portal for connection to collective memory.  How can we, as artists, look at ritual and re-elaborate the wisdom that passes through the body in such a vivid way?



Francesca & Baris Mihci teach: Resources I Make 

The lab focuses on appropriate and effective strategies to teach, communicate and transmit information about the moving body. It offers a frame which include assessment skills, proposals for teaching, games and improvisation for enhancing attention, offering a space to try and discover. 

Keywords: perception, perspectives, empathy, listening, transmission, navigating the unexpected.....



Francesca & Baris Mihci teach: Environmental Frequency

A creative lab that focuses on what it means to relate to the environment, on how it is possible to create a functional, respectful and creative dialogue with what it is external to us. About what it means to move and to enter in a creative process with the elements that surround us. About what it means 




Francesca & Lorenzo Gasperoni teach: The Polyrhythmic Body

Live Music: Lorenzo Gasperoni

Francesca and Lorenzo have worked together for more than ten years.. Their research is inspired by the relationship between polyrhythms and the dancing body in the cultures of West Africa and the Diaspora. In these traditions, dance and music are inextricably linked, in continuous dialogue. Mirroring each other they come together in a single language that is in continuous metamorphosis. The Polyrhythmic Body springs from the desire to merge the inherent wisdom of tradition and the latest studies in somatic practice and biomechanics with the modern techniques of electronic music, in the belief that ancient and current performative practices can communicate with and enrich each other.

Polyrhythmic body at Theassaloniki


Polyrhythmic body at Earth Dance



Francesca & Janos Crecelius  teach : Waves and Groove

live music:  Janos and invited musicians

A playfull practice to find strategies to negotiate between our own inner rhythm and shared collective rhythms. Code word: LET'S ENJOY the GROOVE


Francesca & Nuvola Vandini teach : My Walkable city

A creative lab that uses the study of the basic gesture of walking as an entry point into an intersubjective study to re-observe and re-calibrate the presence of  the individual and the collective body in public spaces.