SOLILOQUIO A DUE / Soliloquy for two


By:  Myelin Zone

Body on stage: Francesca Pedullà 

Illustration : Sabrina Marzagalli

Orinal Music: Alessandro Bartolena

Light designer: Frey Faust

Assistant director: Davide Francesca; Projection Assistant  Paolo Bonfiglio

Photography : Federica Guglieri and Beatrice Testa

Props: ADHOC Legno e Disegno


Support: Progetto Maia, curated by Teatro Akropolis, Teatro dell'Archivolto, Fine Arts Academy ( Genova) , and the Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Soliloquy for 2 -studio#1 was presented at the Festival Fuori Formato- Genova, Hangart Festival 2016, Pesaro, the studio #2 at Teatro dell'Archivolto, Genova.

Première : april 2017 at  the Festival TestimonianzaRicercaAzioni,Teatro Akropolis, Genova..

# Fragments of Soliloquy for two at tanzfabrik Berlin august 2017



Implying reciprocal interaction, Soliloquy for two, surges from the convergent fascination of a dancer and an illustrator for the human body. It tells the story of a body/ persona as subject and object of experience, care and practice. A story recounted by illustrated, multiforms personifications, dissipating into metaphor and symbol, matching disturbing the body on stage.  A reflection on the body, its internal and external perception, its plurality, its representations, the visible layers that compose it.




Conversazioni corpo a corpo /  Performative Exhibit


The exhibit retraces the research of Soliloquy for two through photos, illustrations, video and the live performance Fallingdownupstairs

Performance: Francesca Pedullà 

Illustration : Sabrina Marzagalli

Photography : Federica Guglieri and Beatrice Testa

Live Music: Alessandro Bartolena

Light designer: Frey Faust

Props: ADHOC Legno e Disegno




DU MYTHE DU DIEU ARGENT  Dance - Theater and Live Music

"A civilization begins in myth and ends in doubt." E. M. Cioran 
Directed by: Francesca Pedulla and Davide Francesca
Original Music: Eric Acakpo, Anicet Aymonde Gildas, Lorenzo Gasperoni

Choreography: Francesca Pedulla and Group Work
Cast: Richard Adossou, Kelly Keenan,  Roberta Messa, Papis N'Doye, Sara Parisi,  Francesca Pedulla, Medard Sossa, Sara Tassara
  Musicians: Eric Acakpo, Anicet Gildas Aymonde, Aliou Guessere
  Lighting Design: Luciano Novelli   ;  Video: Antoine Renouard

 Costumes: Davide Francesca  ;   Sculpure: Davide dall'Osso

  photo: Laura Milone

This work recounts one of the possible versions of the story of the God Money. Sent to Earth to facilitate exchanges among human beings, Money takes pleasure in playing with their weaknesses and, taking control of their will, he will become increasingly more powerful...

Using an ironic and symbolic language, this story leads us into an imaginary but familiar universe. The piece makes use of the allegorical power of myth to celebrate humanity, without illusions, without shame, recognizing that human been can be as brilliant and sensitive as mean and vulgar.


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TWO AMONG US performative lecture

Concept: Richard Adossou, Frey Faust Francesa Pedulla

Regie: Frey Faust

Dance: Richard Adossou, Francesca Pedulla, Papis N'doye

Moderators: Frey Faust, Davide Francesca


With The Support Of:

Axis Syllabus International Research Community

Tanz Fabrik Berlin

Tanz Haus Nordrhein Westfalen


photo: Adrien Michel


The Aim of our Inquest is:

to see how much cultural and social patterning influences the dancers' movements, individual

presence and the quality of their interaction.

to see how much influence the application of physics and anatomical principles will have on the

cultural and social patterning of the dancers

to see what remains of these attributes or qualities after an exploratory choreographic process

focussing on the study and application of: kinetic energy, inertia, torque, momentum vectors and

gravitational forces.

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MADE IN AFRICA ( more or less..)

Performance for two dancers and one camera

Concept: Sara Parisi, Francesca Pedullà, Antoine Renouard

Dance: Sara Parisi, Francesca Pedullà

Camera: Antoine Renouard

With the support of: Association Sonagnon (Cotonou), Spazio Saravà (Genova), Centre Choréographique Multicorps (Cotonou).


The performance is an uncommon hybrid between “cinema live” and performance, in which the choreography is structured around functional rather than aesthetic physical attitudes and gestures, revealing a body shaped by and reflecting on its environmental, cultural and social conditioning.

Live filmed sequences fragment reality, highlight the uselessness of a single point of view, augment and complete the expressiveness of the performing bodies that become landscape in the service of the camera.