... playing with logic, putting thoughts in order, interweaving experiences, knowledge, passion and desires .....



Private mentoring sessions

both on-line and live

adapted to personal interest or needs




*Personal training and research on specific topics

*Strategies to transmit information about the moving body for performative and pedagogical purposes

*Criteria for skill assessment

*Class preparation, writing class descriptions, class review

*Navigating an artistic process towards performance

*Structuring a project presentation


If you are interested please contact me at: pedullafrancesca@gmail.com

Before starting let's have a first chat to make your personal plan.






Sharing Experience

a creative approach to logic




The art of dance was almost unexpectedly intertwined with my academic studies. But immediately, in addition to a joy that I had never felt before, it became clear to me how essential it was to continue cultivating my great passion: the study of the human being and the complexity of its manifestation of material, social and spiritual life. Cultures. 

A pivotal experience was my encounter with the Vodoun culture of Benin where I have since spent several months a year and, in 2005, together with the musician Eric Acakpo, I founded the Association Sonagnon  with the aim to deepen the study of the role of dance and music for building the individual and  the collective identity and providing an exchange  platform for artists from all over the world. 

The creation of international events in support of performative arts are interwoven and parallel to my personal artistic research.

I am a founding member of the Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork which provides the informational and Human Resources that support my efforts.

I have been co-curating events for different groups all over the world, designing contexts for participants to structure, develop and formalize their own creativity.

In March 2021 I started a phenomenological counseling school directed by professor Domenico Nigro, that is giving me new tools for practicing the art of listening and assessment and which is enhancing my ability to express my thoughts.


The world is full of brilliant and passionate people, who are designing their own pathway with creativity.

I see creativity as a way to investigate and process human reality in its tangible and intangible dimension, giving us the opportunity to keep growing as humans and to share visions, intuitions, emotions and knowledge.

A creative act does not only need brilliant intuition. It also needs logic, practical support and the ability to put things and people in relationship in order to take form and manifest.


What I offer:

Many years of work, research, reflection and experiences gained in the most disparate contexts and in countless collaborations with theorists, artists, and curators from all over the world. I offer my enjoyment of logic, my curiosity, my indefatigable enthusiasm born of the conviction that creativity is a fundamental aspect for the human being and its development.