July 4th to 7th Genova - Art Commission

Corpo a Corpo / Body to Body

Performative Exhibit

by MyelinZone


July 29th to August 2nd  Wien - ImpulsTanz

Ancient Kinetic Wisdom - Research Project in collaboration with Frey Faust and Eric Acakpo


August 4th to 30th  La Drome

September 5th to 10th  Ostuni

PP as-yet-unnamed- Pilot Project

in collaboration with Frey Faust, Baris Mihci and Eric Acakpo

Info:  patoffolaproject@gmail.com


October 5th to 6th Berlin

Ancient Kinetic Wisdom in collaboration with Eric Acakpo

Info and registration: axissyllabus@gmail.com


October 12th to 13th Fano

AS Intensive - Conversazioni fra Centro e Periferie

Info and registration: mnlmartella@gmail.com


October 28th to November 2nd  Bologna

Scie Festival


November 8th to 10th Thessaloniki

AS Intensive - Fractal Manifesto  in collaboration with Frey Faust

Info and registration: kinoumestudio@gmail.com


November 15th to 17th Warsaw

AS Intensive - Time Curves

Info and registration: ej.posluchaj@gmail.com


November 20th to 24th Barcelona

AS teacher lab + The Polyrhythmic body in collaboration with Lorenzo Gasperoni

Info and Registration: axissyllabuscat@gmail.com


December 2nd to 8th Berlin

Sensing In Festival

program will be soon on line!


December 14th to 15th Torino

AS Intensive Indagando sotto le forme

Info and Registration: barbi1976@tiscali.it