November 15th to 17th Warsaw

AS Intensive - Time Curves

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November 20th to 24th Barcelona

AS teacher lab + The Polyrhythmic body in collaboration with Lorenzo Gasperoni

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December 2nd to 8th Berlin

Sensing In Festival


December 14th to 15th Torino

AS Intensive: Indagando sotto le forme

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January 2nd to 5th Besançon

AS Intensive:  Time Curves  in collaboration with Frey Faust

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January 31st to February 16th  Ouidah Benin

TRACES in collaboration with Eric Acakpo, Frey Faust, Baris Mihci, Sara Parisi

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March 12th to 21st  Genova - Teatro della Tosse

Cosa può un corpo?  Research&Creative lab

Resources i make  in collaboration with Baris Mihci, Lucia Palladino

Resources I use in collaboration with Frey Faust, Lucia Palladino

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March 23rd to 27th Berlin

AS in research and practice  MovementArtisan


April 4th and 5th Roma

Quel Sapere Impalpabile Axis Syllabus Intensive

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April 18th and 19th Berlin

Surfying the Rhythm   in collaboration with Sara Parisi

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April 21st to 26th Patras

Axis Syllabus Teacher Lab in collaboration with Frey Faust Baris Mihci

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April 30th to May 4th Nida Colony, Lithuania

International Conference on Freedom and Constraint

Soliloquio a due 

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May 5th to 10th Brussels

Axis Syllabus Teacher Lab - INFOLOGY RHIZOME

in collaboration with Frey Faust, Anne Cecile Chane Tune, Jerome D'Orso

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May 15th  Teatro Mosca  Cacém - Portugal

Soliloquio a due


May 21st to 24th Marseille

AS morning training + Surfing the Rhythm

in collaboration with Sara Parisi

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